Undergraduate Student - 2016-Present

Yueying’s (Qiao Qiao for short...) fascination with science is deeply rooted in a childhood spent in and out of her dad’s hydrology laboratory. After growing up and discovering what hydrology consisted of, she has found her interests were geared more towards biology and chemistry than water sciences. She is ecstatic to get hands on laboratory experience that incorporates both of the subjects she loves so much, while pursuing the important mission of decoding colorectal cancer. Yueying will be working on a blend of protein biochemistry and bioinformatics, with a heavy dose of gene clustering in Fusobacterium to determining cryptic protein functions. In other news, Yueying hails from Chesapeake, Virginia and splits her free time between watching cheesy TV shows, mediocrely playing tennis, and making horrible puns (they’re just too punny to resist!).

Pursuing Dual B.S. Biochemistry, Chemistry, minor in Computer Science - Virginia Tech