We are advancing how we work with and understand Fusobacterium infections, with a focus on discovering and characterizing Fusobacterium nucleatum virulence factors that contriube to disease. We take our research very seriously, but not ourselves.

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Fusobacterium genomics needed a shot in the arm. So we created FusoPortal to give the community a one stop experience for complete genomes with annotations and additional goodies.

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Fusobacterium studies have been hindered by the lack of robust genetic systems. We have acheived gene interruptions, and stay tuned for another ambitious project in the works...

We are going to find you...Our passion is identifying and characterizing virulence factors to determine their role in bacterial infection. Fusobacterium nucleatum has an impressive number of Type 5 secreted autotransporter proteins, which are validated virulence factors. In addition, we are using new genetic and cell biology tools to clarify the role of individual and cooperative protein networks in disease.

Take a look at our new preprint on bioRxiv by Umana et al!!

We are always looking to recruit great scientists.

Are you passionate about science? Do you enjoy a dynamic, fast-paced, and diverse work environment that beckens humans of all backgrounds to explore their curiosity? Well than The Slade Lab just might be the place for YOU! Get in touch directly with Dr. Dan Slade at dslade [at] vt [dot] edu. We are especially interested in all levels of scientists (undergraduate onwards) who have coding and data science experience. No wet lab experience needed, as we will teach you that!